Web Design

Web Design

Respond to the Times

Good design responds to the times.

Did you know that most people who are looking at your webpage are doing so from a phone?

Keep up-to-date with responsive design.

Oh Olive Oil

I created a brand and website for Oh Olive Oil, a new venture from Ohanneson Enterprises. SEO is always important when debuting a new brand, and WordPress has all the tools needed to elevate this product.

As orders came in, Ohanneson Enterprises realized they needed a way for their customers to quickly put in orders. In 2021, I added a shop to the website, and the site looks poised to grow and grow through the year!

Web Oh Olive Oil Website On MacBook
Boilermakers Local 92 Website

Boilermakers Local 92

Boilermakers Local 92 needed a website update to keep pace with the times. Their union had grown, and their website needed to grow with it.

The update came with the chance to add new features like a way to pay dues online, a calendar, news articles, and an announcements bar that lets the union communicate with its members quickly, reducing phone calls into the office.

JF Computer Solutions

JF Computer Solutions needed a rebrand and a website to go with it.

They needed their site to be easily navigable and clear for their clients – as easy to navigate on a mobile phone or tablet as on a desktop computer.

This website represents a technology company and needs to look as up-to-date as the business it stands for.

JF Computer Solutions Website On Mobile
Ringard VO Website

Ringard VO

Voiceover talent Kristin Ringard needed a site to host her reel and give directors a feel for her unique sound.

Kristin wanted a particular look-and-feel, and so all art is created to give her the right image as an artist.

Open Mind Modalities

This business needed a quick rebuild of their website, with none of the original content available to reference. I got them up and running quickly, on a secure platform, with new assets and a new look.

The new website is easy to use, has a clean, friendly look, and provides contact information for staff.

Open Mind Modalities Website