When is the Right Time to Rebrand?

A rebrand is a big investment and can be a nerve-wracking prospect.  It can take months for all new collateral to be organized and distributed, and there’s always an element of risk involved.

So when is the right time to take the leap?

Like most big business decisions, the answer is more than a little situational.

There can be obvious moments that can trigger an image discussion.  An expansion into a new field or a new territory can be a natural time to reconfigure an image.  Launching an online presence or upping your social media game can also be a natural fit for a change.

For less obvious moments, it can become more a question of is this a bad time to rebrand? rather than is this the right time to rebrand?  For example, just after sending out annual client gifts may not be the moment for a change.  Scheduling a rebrand for before branded gifts or a print cycle can save expenses and client confusion, and provide an opportunity for a timely brand debut.

Come In, We're Awesome Sign

Going through a rebrand exercise does take time and energy from you and your team.  The heavy lifting is done by your designer, but the best results need some collaboration.  At the wrong time, it can be a stressful distraction from the business of running your business.  Projects can stall and lose momentum.  If you’re a business with a big holiday or summer push, getting through the effort first might be a wise maneuver.

With just a little breathing room, a rebranding effort can be invigorating, both for your business and for your team.  A new logo and a new look can be exciting and support a needed shift in focus, or just bring stale imagery forward into a current decade.  A new logo that your staff likes can make them excited to hand out business cards and strut in their new company T-shirt.

Ultimately, the right time to rebrand is when it feels needed, and when you and your business are ready for it.